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Emporium – Map of the Passages / Ο χάρτης των κρυφών περασμάτων



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The evil Semueld Askell, concealed by the Cloak of Mirrors, sneaks into Finley’s room to steal the key to the Enchanted Emporium. He discovers that the key must be given willingly, and Finley’s not about to abandon his role as Defender of the Emporium. Semueld is desperate to get his hands on the magical objects housed within, so he forces Finley to make a terrible choice: give him the key, or Semueld will make sure Aiby Lily is lost forever. Faced with this impossible choice, Finley will have to use every trick in the book (as well as some magical objects) to bring back his best friend.

Ο μοχθηρός Σέμιουελντ Άσκελ τριγυρνά στο Άπλκρος κρυμμένος μέσα στον μανδύα του με τους καθρέφτες, μαζί με ένα σμήνος από κοράκια.
Τι ψάχνει άραγε;
Φαίνεται πως τα μαγικά πλάσματα της Κούφιας Γης έχουν εξαγριωθεί
εξαιτίας του…

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