If you would like to place orders online from first you need to register (open an account). For this you will need a valid email address. When filling in your details, you must also select a password, which gives you access to your Bibliagora account. By having a Bibliagora account you can manage your orders, get discounts, buy gift certificates, collect Drachmas and many more.

Please note: You need to register a new account with Bibliagora if your account was last accessed before August 2015. Please contact us if your old BiblioPoints are not displayed as Drachmas in your new account.

Verify your E-mail Address for a New Account

We may ask that you verify ownership of your e-mail address before creating a new account.

Important: If you think you may have an account already, it's always best to use your existing account. You can select "Forgot Your Password?" on the sign-in screen to regain access if you're having trouble signing in.

If you wish to create a new account you'll need to verify that you can access that e-mail address. To verify your e-mail address when creating a new Bibliagora account:

  • Click the link in the verification e-mail that's automatically sent after attempting to create the new account.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: If you didn't receive our verification e-mail:

  • Confirm that your e-mail address was entered with the correct domain name and no spaces.
  • Check your spam or junk e-mail folder.

I don't remember my password, what do I do?

If you have successfully registered with (from August 2015 onwards) and you can't remember your password, please follow the password recovery process. You'll need your email address for this.