Lili Wright

Dancing with the Tiger


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The death mask of Montezuma. A priceless artefact. Lost. Looted. Sold. Stolen. Traded. Hunted. Wanted. Needed. A meth-addicted looter, a ruthless drugs baron, an opportunistic henchman, an obsessive ex-pat art dealer and at the centre of this tangled web, Anna. Anna, whose life is spiralling out of control, Anna, whose charming fiancee has been cheating on her, Anna, who has just discovered her father’s credibility as a renowned art collector is in ruins and her own reputation as a fact checker is in tatters. But she has a chance to redeem herself, to restore both her and her father. She needs to go to Mexico, find the mask, and bring it to America where it will form the centre point of a new exhibition. Against a backdrop of heat and colour and danger, she must negotiate with criminals, flatter the powerful and take her life in her hands. Because other people want that mask – and they will stop at nothing to get it.

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